From building reclamation to Body building

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Thank you for those who have subscribed and received our automatic updates from this blog by email . Please also subscribe to keep up with the latest news at Victory Outreach UK . We are continuing with our focus on one of our mens homes called Woodside lodge.

Health and fitness forms one of our main building blocks for a healthy lifestyle in all our homes. Last year we had to expand our occupancy at the home which in turn left the men without a gym area within the house .

The guys asked if they could turn an old garage at the top of the property into a gym area . Over the next weeks and months without any further requests they set about collecting reclaimed doors and windows to form a basic gym area . This is making the most out of what little resources we have and also being grateful and proud of achieving its completion . Next weeks blog will move onto the next project outside of the gym. Great effort and well done, however i believe this home deserves a new purpose built gym in a new building , more to follow on this thought in the next blog. If you would like to support the home by helping contribute to a new gym building and equipment please contact the office .

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