Pastor Andrew Parsons
BA (Hons)Th, Dip PC Business, Dip PC Education, Cert F Ed


Andrew has a passion to see people encouraged, equiped and empowered to live life as it is meant to be lived free from addiction and suffering . He emigrated from New Zealand to come specifically to work with  Victory Outreach UK and help make a difference.  He has established educational programms for local Govt, pioneered Coaching courses in Universities along with various Management, Teaching and Leadership roles in his working career. 

Robert Hart  HNC  PE, Cert F Ed

Director of Operations 


I left the grammar school education and obtained a student apprenticeship with the Rank Organisation, latterly Rank Xerox. ..

In amongst all this I got married and continued as a Jig and Tool draughtsman specialising in press tool design. This led me into a career in sheet metal engineering.

After 23 years at RX I moved to other metal fabrication companies in managerial and consultancy positions.

Following my formal retirement I have kept abreast of progress in my chosen engineering career but committed to VOUK .

Meet The Team


Our Leadership and Managment team comprises of a variaty of skills and experiences from a broad background. We also depend on a great voluntary team who help faithfully in our homes.

Alun Davies  

Health and Fitness  


Alun has joined our leadership team in a voluntary capacity to oversee and advise on all our health and fitness activities . Alun has a successful career as a Manager for Arriva railways, and has achieved great success in the world of natural body building . 


National Body Building Champion, European Champion and World Champion