Prison Outreach update

Our continued access to many of the HMPs in the UK gives Victory Outreach Uk a great sense of purpose , and continued passion to help prisoners and offer a message of hope along with our practical support upon their release . The staff at Park Prison continue to give us a warm welcome along with the men in Parc who we go to support. This invite was specifically to speak at two Sunday morning church services , which were both well attended and led very well by the two resident Chaplains .

Pastor Andrew spoke on “His presence” at both services emphasising God can visit and reveal himself to each person even though locked up. Jesus being the only person who doesn’t need a security pass to get in and wants to break into their lives and world behind bars. The emphasis on break in not break out was made much to the amusement of those attending and to much relief to prison staff. The Good news of the cross was clearly explained, with a public call to accept and follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour .Twenty three men publicly responded in the meetings with additional enquiries for our help . This is our second visit in which we have seen such numbers respond from Parc, and we continue to pray and provide hope and practical support to all the men in Parc Prison . Please continue to pray for more open doors for our prison outreach.

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